Modern Lounge Small Dog Beds

We were asked to make a modern designer dog bed with the same water-resistance and durability as our Contour bed, but with varying sizes for pet-friendly hotels. These finer hotels wanted a bed they could easily move from room to room with the same waterproof, removable easy-to-clean covers our Contour beds are known for. The Modern lounge was designed with pet-friendly hotels in mind. Dogs really love it as they can sprawl out and place their head on the built-in pillow. Owners love it too, because they’re so easy to clean, keep their dogs off the cold floor, and give them the support of dense foam with no off-gassing. We sell these beds to hotels all over the USA and Canada. And they come in different sizes – even custom sizes – according to your needs. In fact, if you need even larger bed, check out our Big Doggy beds!

Modern Lounge - Small


Product At a Glance

  • Modern-Lounge-pet-03-sGreat for big dogs
  • Light and easy to move
  • Filled with real foam – no cheap, off-gassing filler
  • Economical
  • Modern, yet practical

Product Options

Cover Colors

Black Cover red purple orange grey green blue



So many colors to choose from at Pet Revolution, but if you have some different ideas or if you want to match your sofa exactly, contact us.

So easy to clean

The top cover on our beds can be removed and replaced in 30 seconds flat. Its really easy to clean. And the poly suede top cover is stain resistant. So your dog’s bed never has to smell anything but clean.

puppy for lisaBetter for hips and joints

Beds made of foam are better for dogs. Our foam beds are not designed to just look good, they support their joints and protect them from hard surfaces, Beds made with filler feel nice to your hands, but dogs have hips and backs like people and they need support like people.

waterproofWaterproof and durable

All of our pet beds are made of a waterproof and durable backpacking material. Because our beds are waterproof, the smell of our friends never enters into the foam. And because the material is so durable, we expect our beds to last literally for years to come.

durableOur Beds last for years

Our beds last for years. On average people would have 15 to 20 disposable beds for one Pet Revolution bed. Our clients often call us and orderr new top covers for beds that are 6 or 7 years old.

What’s in the Box

  • Small Modern Lounge Bed
  • Washing instructions
  • Silicone non-slip pads

Customer Reviews

Peggy loves her little bed. She places.

– John, CA, USA

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– John, BC, Canada

Product Comparison

 Feature Contour Deluxe Original Contour Generic Brand
Waterproof checkmark checkmark
Customized name embroidery* checkmark checkmark
Removable cover checkmark checkmark
Metallic legs for a touch of sophistication to the room. checkmark  –
Warranty 1 year 1 year 90 days

*: an additional fee and 1 additional processing day required.

Recommended Sizing Chart

Small Medium Large X-Large
small-dog medium-dog large-dog xlarge-dog
Flipper, Small Modern Lounge
Small Modern Lounge Contour, Medium Modern Lounge Large Modern Lounge