We started the design process by asking a question: Can we make a bed that cats can’t resist, one they feel compelled to climb into. Then we remembered Christmas time and how our cats and kittens always loved getting into the cardboard boxes. From this idea the Flipper was born. Cats love it … but we still really don’t know why.

  • Filled with real foam, not off-gassing particles
  • Made for smaller cats and dogs
  • Great for co-sleeping with your pets (waterproof cover keeps your bed fresh)
  • Flip to the black side for wet or soggy dogs
  • Great liner for small crates
  • Great for car trips
  • Economical



$25.00 — $35.00

Product At a Glance

flipper-cat-500x222Simple, yet effective, reversible design. Made from real foam, which is always better for pets because it offers more support for hips and joints.

Product Options

Cover Colors


Tan and black and red and black.

durableLong lasting and durable

Made of sturdy backpacking material and polysuede, to last longer.

waterproofWaterproof materials

Prevents odors from permeating into beds, carpets and couches.

Easy to clean

Just toss the whole bed into the washing machine and then let it air-dry.


What’s in the Box

  • One fabulous Flipper bed
  • Washing instructions
  • A coupon for 20% off any toy on our site
  • A fine how do you do…

Customer Reviews

I gotta tell you… mr.——    loves this crazy box bed.

-Rebecca Lapras, Vancouver B.C. Canada

meegs likes it.

– James and Chloe, 12yrs old  Vancouver BC, Canada

Product Comparison

 Feature Contour Deluxe Original Contour Generic Brand
Waterproof checkmark checkmark
Customized name embroidery* checkmark checkmark
Removable cover checkmark checkmark
Metallic legs for a touch of sophistication to the room. checkmark  –
Warranty 1 year 1 year 90 days

*: an additional fee and 1 additional processing day required.

Recommended Sizing Chart

Small Medium Large X-Large
small-dog medium-dog large-dog xlarge-dog
Flipper, Small Modern Lounge
Small Modern Lounge Contour, Medium Modern Lounge Large Modern Lounge