Contour Original Grey

Contour Original Grey

 We believe modern dogs should sleep in luxury. Inspired by modernist designers Charles and Ray Eames, the Contour modern dog bed was conceived for bigger dogs, or smaller dogs and cats that like to bunk together. The Contour’s reversible polysuede cover gives you two beds in one: by simply reversing the cover, you can instantly change the look from a stylish fashion color to a more neutral look, and back again. Covers are machine-washable and can zip on and off in seconds. Extra designer covers are available for those who want the latest fashion colors or who simply want to match their home’s updated interior design. The bed’s durable, water-resistant nylon base can be wiped clean and inhibits odors from permeating the bed’s underlying high-quality foam. It offers a cozy haven for younger dogs and also gives much needed support for an older dog’s achy joints – earning the approval of dog experts. The bed has also been tested for tear-resistance: dogs that like to chew their beds typically don’t chew ours. Thoughtfully designed and handcrafted in Canada, the Contour modern dog beds come with an elegant frame or can sit directly on the floor. With the Contour series of modern, designer dog beds, you can include your dog in your life and your home, without giving up your good taste.

Contour Designer - Original Grey


Product At a Glance

We designed the contour bed with your dog’s comfort in mind. Being off the floor makes your dog feel more like a ‘somebody’ and keeps your pooch away from the cold. Covers are waterproof and easy to clean, so they’re protected from accidents and don’t carry odors. We added a dip in the centre on purpose, to make dogs feel like they’re in a den. Meant for any stage of life, our beds offer the support for hips and joints that older dogs need as they age. With reversible covers, so you can instantly change the look, it’s no wonder our beds have become the bed of choice for many pet owners, pet facilities, and hotel chains.

Product Options

Cover Colors

Black Cover red purple orange grey green blue

Choose one of our colors to go with your décor. If you want something different, or you want it to match your couch exactly, contact us.

happy-dog-iconBetter for hips and joints

Dense foam beds are better for dogs, because they better support their joints and protect them from hard surfaces. Beds made of filler may feel nice to the touch, but dogs need more support. Plus filler tends to off-gas.

washableEasy to clean

Our stain-resistant top covers can be removed and replaced in 30 seconds flat, and they’re easy to clean – just pop into the washing machine. So your pet’s bed will always smell fresh and clean.

waterproofWaterproof and odor-resistant

Our pet beds are made of waterproof, odor-resistant material, so your bed – and your pet – will stay clean and odor-free.


Unlike disposable pet beds, our beds were designed and built to last. For every one of our beds, you’d have to purchase an average of 15 to 20 disposable beds. That’s a lot of waste! It’s not unusual for us to take orders for replacement covers for beds that are almost 10 years old – that’s how long -lasting our beds are.

What’s in the Box

  • Contour designer dog bed
  • Washing instructions
  • Silicone floor protectors

Customer Reviews

Hobs loves to jump in the water at the beach, the bed has worked really well for him because it doesnt get that

– Sophia L, Vancouver B.C.


Product Comparison

 Feature Contour Deluxe Original Contour Generic Brand
Waterproof checkmark checkmark
Customized name embroidery* checkmark checkmark
Removable cover checkmark checkmark
Metallic legs for a touch of sophistication to the room. checkmark  –
Warranty 1 year 1 year 90 days

*: an additional fee and 1 additional processing day required.

Recommended Sizing Chart

Small Medium Large X-Large
small-dog medium-dog large-dog xlarge-dog
Flipper, Small Modern Lounge
Small Modern Lounge Contour, Medium Modern Lounge Large Modern Lounge